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Receive a birthday e-card from KUSHKA!
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KUSHKA: The Dog Named Cat
This is a story about a dog, whose name means cat. Have you ever heard anything as silly as that? In this 32 page beautifully illustrated book, you will follow KUSHKA in her daily routine of fun. Read more
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Kushka - Eli Kowalski
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KUSHKA loves playing dress up and other super fun games with special friends like you. You never know what exciting new games KUSHKA will be playing next. Click here!

KUSHKA  made the front page of the Gloucester County Times
KUSHKA Makes the Front Page!
KUSHKA recently made the front page of the Gloucester County Times. Click on the thumbnail image or click here to view the PDF.
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Is your pet a fan of KUSHKA? Then submit your pet's photo to her. Click here to e-mail KUSHKA your pets photo and she'll add it to her Pet's Fan photo page!

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